The Weekly Reset: 5-Minute Evening Chill Out

At the end of the day, it’s important to create some space between your work and your rest. Rather than rushing to your workout or social activities, pause for five minutes to wind down and reflect. That simple pause will help to ease any lingering tension so that you can be more present for what’s up next and, more importantly, improve the quality of your rest and recovery.

Hit up this #5minreset before you leave the office (if you have a quiet space to use), on the bus, in your car once you’ve arrived at your next destination, before dinner at home, or right before bed. Just find a time that that works for you...

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes so that you won't worry about what time it is.
  • Sit comfortably or put your legs up the wall.
  • Close your eyes begin to notice your breathing.
  • Take a deep inhale… a slow exhale… continue to deepen your breathing.
  • Once your breathing feels more steady, acknowledge a task or interaction today where you feel you might have fallen short in some way. Rather than being hard on yourself about it, relax and decide to use that situation as lesson learned about how you want to handle things next time. Notice how the way you feel about that situations softens, and your body follows.
  • Next, acknowledge something you did well today. Whatever that win was (anything from a great workout to completing a big project), focus on how achieving it feels.
  • Now, just let go. Do nothing and create a sense of space between the events of the day and whatever you have coming up next…

Keep winding down with our new 5-Minute Evening Reset video and use #5minreset to let us know how it goes.