The Weekly Reset: 5-Minute Calf Pump

By now, you might have heard us touting the benefits of calf pumping. This simple maneuver is a one-stop shop for increasing circulation, tone, and pliability in that dense musculature. More importantly, it's critical not only for easing calf pain, but also preventing lower leg injuries ranging from shin splints to plantar fasciitis. Plus, it's way more effective than static (still/passive) stretching.

While there's lots of ways to get it done, here's one of our fave variations:

All Fours Calf Pump

  • From all fours, straighten your right leg long behind you without locking the knee, tucking your toes under on the floor.
  • Keeping both sides of your waist even, rock your weight forward and back, as if you're doing calf lifts with your right foot.
  • Continue for 10 reps, then come to stillness as you press back strongly through your right heel.
  • Bend your right knee just a little bit more.
  • Straighten the leg without locking the knee.
  • Continue for 10 reps before switching sides.

Keep your calves fluid with our new 5-Minute Calf Reset video...

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