The story behind the lazy booty...

A few years ago, I was butt naked face down on my yoga teacher/massage therapist’s table when she said to me, “For someone who works out as much as you do, your glutes sure don’t have much tone.”

I was like, “Say wha?! Is she saying I have a fat butt?”

Here's the thing: I have scoliosis aka unnatural curvature in the spine due to the fact that one of my legs is a full inch longer than the other. I’ve worked hard in my yoga practice to stabilize my spine, however at that point I’d never focused too specifically on working my butt as a way to help bring more balance to my structure.

Upon further exploration, my teacher — the genius Richelle Ricard — determined that yes indeed, I have a lazy booty! While I have always loved my butt, it turns out that its sleepiness was straining my low back and hips, not to mention slowing me down.

Ugh. What’s a girl — or any athlete — to do?

Start by figuring out what’s going on back there. In my guest blog for Oiselle this week, I explain a simple self-test and correct to practice firing from Glute Max — the muscle that should be driving your forward movement — and a few simple sequences to help build strength.

Since I’ve become aware of and strengthened my lazy booty, my back has felt way healthier and my stride has been stronger. So, wait are you waiting for? Get your rear in gear...

Erin TaylorComment