Work IN 28 | Commit


At the end of Work IN (page 162) you’ll find The Plan: Recover For Real. It’s a 4-week, 28-day plan to help you seamlessly integrate recovery into your real, everyday life by making it a habit. And this month, we’re bringing The Plan to life in real time with #workIN28!

Our challenge to you this 28-day month is to start. Start making recovery a priority and get real about how to make it happen. This starter plan recommends a specific mental focus (meditation) and accompanying physical relaxation (restorative yoga) pairing each day to optimize your recovery all month, whether you have five minutes or 60.



Every Thursday this month we’ll be prompting you via email, blog, and social media with:

  • Weekly focus 
  • Sneak peek of one mental focus + physical relaxation pairing from the book — buy the book to follow along with the complete plan.
  • Join in with #workIN28! Two winners will receive a prize pack at the end of February including a free month of Jasyoga Video, Work IN Lux Long Sleeve, and partner gifts. 

If you have Work IN, you’ll get the most out of the plan as you use each day's strategic mental focus and physical relaxation tools. The plan in the book also includes prompts and space for your notes to help you become more intentional and effective in your approach by thinking about what you're doing, and why. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to transition from this starter plan to making your own strategic plan. 

And if you don't have the book, you can still test out Work IN tactics and join in using the sample content from our weekly blogs this month!



"Match your desire to achieve your goals with your commitment to working IN."


Commit to recovery and honor it over the course of the month — make it a non-negotiable priority.


Whenever it fits into your day, set a timer for the amount of time you have available/want to spend. 

  • Pause and notice how you feel. 
  • Work IN — Do the daily meditation + restorative yoga in unison (follow the daily plan outlined on page 167).
  • Pause and notice how you feel.


DAY 1: Awareness Breath + Goalpost Arms



  • Take a deep breath in... a slow breath out. 
  • Continue to deepen your breathing. 
  • Inhaling, say in your head, "I am inhaling..."
  • Exhaling, say in your head, "I am exhaling."
  • Continue. 
  • After a few rounds, let go of the words. 
  • Continue to breathe deeply. 


  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your arms into a goalpost shape so that your elbows are bent slightly wider than 90 degrees, palms up.

Ready to commit!? Here we go. Remember use #workIN28 to share your month and enter to win. And you still have time to snag your copy of Work IN on our site. Next Thursday we'll send you the focus and plan for week two. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you don't miss it!