Contest! Where there's a wall, there's a way...

We’re guessing you’ve seen our pictures and hashtags by now. #legsupthewall, #hitreset, #resetrevolution… We admit it, we’re obsessed with balancing effort and ease — because in your sports and in your life, you perform your best when you’re in balance. The problem is, while most of us have the effort part down, many people struggle to find ease. We’re not suggesting you ditch your training and head to the couch with a beer — but we encourage you to embrace the power of recovery, which is a key benefit of Jasyoga. New to the game? Read on...

Try It: Legs Up The Wall (or anything)

Stop, drop, put your Legs Up The Wall!

We have yet to meet an athlete who doesn’t agree that our fave pose, Legs Up The Wall, feels amazing. It’s ideal post-workout or after a long day at your desk. That said, nothing wrong with hitting it up any time your legs feel heavy, or you're just plain stressed out.


  • Recirculates your blood and drains excess fluid from your legs
  • Relaxes your feet
  • Relaxes the muscles around the low back
  • Stretches your hamstrings while your spine rests in neutral (which is ideal, and tough to do from sitting or standing if your hammies are stiff)
  • Did we mention it feels amazing?

The best part? All you need to do is find something to put your legs up on… stay as long as you want.

Contest alert...

Where there's a wall, there's a way!

Need more motivation? In celebration of Jasyoga’s 3rd birthday (See you at the party June 1!), we’re collecting Legs Up The Wall pics all month long. We want to see the creative ways you fit recovery into your busy day and training schedule.

To Enter: Share your pics via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook — be sure to tag @jasyoga and hashtag #hitreset. Post as many as you like between now and May 27.

Prize: 3 of you will win a new Jasyoga T, and one lucky athlete will win a T and special surprise… it’ll be good, we promise.

So stop, drop, and put your legs up!