Technique Tuesday — Yoga for Soccer Players Video (Jasyoga hip mobility and stability sequence)

Soccer season is upon us and the top thing that soccer coaches ask the Jasyoga team to work on with their athletes is hip mobility. We get it — mobile hips are critical for almost every move in soccer, from ball kicking to goal blocking. And in order for one hip to be mobile — giving your dominant leg that Beckham touch — the other leg and hip have to provide stability and balance. Since soccer matches are 90+ minutes, endurance in these muscles is also essential, and helps to prevent injuries — especially when you get tired late in the game. Developing this combination of stability and mobility will help ensure your hips are ready for the pitch.

Try it: Yoga for Soccer Players — Jasyoga hip mobility and stability sequence

This sequence trains one hip to provide stability to the body so that the other can access a full range of motion to kick the ball — and improves balance overall, as well as endurance in and around the hips in the process. Ankle strengthening and stability is an added bonus. Practice with Head Coach Erin Taylor’s 8-minute video tutorial (above), or follow the sequence below. Grab your ball for an even more sport-specific experience pre-workout, during an active rest, or post-workout. As always, be sure to breathe deeply!

  • Find even balanced standing and bring your hands to your waist
  • Lift just your right heel off the field and transfer your weight into your left leg, stabilizing your left hip
  • Lift your right thigh up to waist-height (and the knee bent to about a 90-degree angle), then lower the leg and tap the field with your foot — repeat 5 times
  • Put your soccer ball under the ball of your right foot (so that your right knee is bent) and rotate your right thigh toward the right, and then back to center — repeat 5 times
  • Keeping your right thigh out toward the right, lift the leg up to waist height and find your balance
  • Keeping the leg up in the air, bring the thigh back toward the center, and then back over to the right — repeat 5 times
  • Keep the leg toward the right and put your foot on your right calf (below the knee!), setting up tree pose — hold for 5+ deep breaths
  • Release the foot to the ground and see how quickly you can return to even balanced standing
  • Repeat on the left side

Stay tuned for more Jasyoga for soccer players to help you find your flow on the field this fall. In the meantime, check out our testimonials page to read what soccer players say about their Jasyoga practice.

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