Technique Tuesday — Triangle

Earlier this month, we explored Triangle Prep to get you ready for the main event: Triangle. This is a great pose for cross-training — it stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the core, and improves overall stability. Now that you've created an internal blueprint of the architecture of  Triangle by practicing it's predecessor (be sure to go back and work on Triangle Prep if you haven't done so already), you're ready to add the challenge of standing balance.

Add this pose into your cross-training at least three times per week. Hold for 5+ deep breaths before switching sides...

Try it: Triangle

  • Stand with your feet wide apart and parallel, and put your hands on your hips.
  • Turn your right foot out, initiating the rotation in your leg through the top of your thighbone, and turn your left foot in slightly.
  • Shift your hips back to the left and begin to lengthen your spine forward toward your right leg.
  • Engage your core to keep your spine long and both sides of your waist even.
  • Look down and check that your right knee is tracking forward toward your toes, rather than collapsing inward. If your knee is collapsing in, you'll need to guide your left hip toward your front leg slightly.
  • Release your right hand to your right thigh, shin, or a block — but keep your weight out of that hand.
  • Extend your left arm up and reach through your fingers so that the arm feels active, as if someone is pulling it toward the ceiling.
  • Knit your front ribs together as if you put on a tight vest — then use those engaged core muscles to gently rotate just your rib cage slightly toward the ceiling while keeping everything down below just as it is.
  • Push down strongly through your feet and feel your left hamstrings lengthen.
  • Look down and relax your neck/jaw/face.

More practical tips for adding yoga into your cross-training routine coming up in February — hit us up with your specific requests by tweeting @jasyogaseattle with #TechniqueTuesday.