Technique Tuesday — Restorative Bridge

Sore back? We hear ya. While tight hips and hammies are often key culprits of low back soreness and we often recommend stretching those guys out to get relief, starting with a pose that helps the whole body hit reset will optimize anything you do to ease back pain. Of all the different postures we teach, this is by far the most requested! It’s a powerful recovery posture that lengthens the tired and stiff front of the body (most notably at the hips and the shoulders) and helps to “neutralize” the spine. Plus you get a subtle inversion to help recirculate your blood post work or workout. Grab a block if you have one, otherwise a few thick books or pillow will work just fine.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent/feet on the floor
  • Put your block (or other props approx. 6-in. thick) under your low back — your low back and butt should be resting on the block (don’t let your butt hang forward off the block)
  • Keep adjusting until you feel like you have a stable base to rest on and it feels comfortable
  • Open your arms to a “goalpost” shape with your palms facing up — if the backs of your palms don’t easily rest on the floor, bring your arms forward along your sides instead
  • Close your eyes and allow your whole body to relax into the support of your block
  • Breathe deeply and stay for 2 – 5 minutes
  • Remove your block and set your hips back onto the floor — feel the difference!

See why this is our athletes’ favorite pose?

Erin TaylorComment