Technique Tuesday — Real Men Foam Roll

By now, you probably know that November is all about the bros...

So, this Technique Tuesday, wrap your head around this: Real men foam roll. Because stiff is not fit, we're adding the roller to your arsenal of #HitReset tactics — it will aid your recovery and help you avoid injuries. And, like we've been talking about all fall, the side body is a great place to start because this area is chronically neglected and stiff...

Try it: Side Bod Roll Out

  • Grab your foam roller. If you don't have one, a tightly-rolled yoga mat can work.
  • Turn on your side and do just what it sounds like: roll your sides.
  • Be sure to deepen your breathing as you get going because side body rolling can be intense and a steady breath will encourage your bod to find ease.
  • Focus on the area between your outer hip/side booty and just above the side of your knee — hello IT Band!
  • If you find a spot that feels especially intense, hold there for a few deep breaths before moving on.
  • Intersperse stopping and holding with smooth, steady rolling.
  • Spend 5 minutes on one side before switching.

Don't be surprised if it hurts so good! Happy rolling, hOMeboys (and hOMegirls!)...

Lets see how you're getting your Broga on this month: Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #broga and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon

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