Technique Tuesday — Basketball Partner Passing

Basketball season is well underway — but did you ballers know that yoga is a great way to improve agility and prevent injuries? As much as we hate to live in fear of the dreaded torn ACL, knee injuries are a legit risk of playing hoops, or any sport.

Try it: Hoops Partner Passing

Use this Jasyoga sequence as a dynamic warm-up pre-practice or workout. It will increase your hip mobility and stability, strengthen your core, and improve your proprioception and balance.

So grab your rock, a teammate, and get into it…

  • Stand 5 – 10 feet away from your teammate, facing each other
  • (Both of you) Bring your the feet to hip-width apart and parallel, bending both knees very slightly
  • Put your hands on your hips to remind yourself to keep your hips squared forward as you lift just the right heel (not the entire foot) off the floor
  • When you feel stable there, turn your right leg out to your right side while keeping your hips squared forward
  • Slide the sole of your right foot up your leg, resting it on your ankle, calf, or inner thigh (make sure your foot isn’t on your knee!)
  • Keep pressing your right (bent leg) back while the hips stay squared forward and you stay strong through your left (standing) leg
  • Pass your ball to your teammate… and continue passing back and forth for up to a minute before switching sides

Be sure to breathe deeply and if you loose your balance, no big deal. Just keep your cool and start over… Still feel confused by the set up? Check out our tree pose.

Erin TaylorComment