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Introducing The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection includes eight new prenatal yoga videos designed to help you meet yourself where you are, every day, every trimester. To address the undeniable accompanying physical discomforts and ease your body into alignment as it continually grows, shifts, and changes. To prepare you for labor and birth, no matter the birth plan. And to help you lean into pregnancy, to learn from it, and to find the ability to trust and surrender to the process, no matter what comes up for you along the way.

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Introducing The Yoga for Mamas Collection

Let's be real, ladies: Momming is the ultimate endurance event. The demands of babies and children are relentless, which can make time for yourself feel more elusive than ever. And when child-free moments do present themselves, the to do list can feel totally paralyzing. How do we find space for ourselves amid the demands of motherhood, and when we do have time, what should we do?

Mamas, this collection is for you!

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