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Booty Lock Mitigation is Back (+ New Hip Videos)

Athletes often talk about needing to "open" their hips. But what does that even mean?! You need mobility and stability. Ultimately, it's a balance of hip flexibility and strength that is most optimal and will help you prevent an array of injuries, not to mention the all-too-common, general feeling of "booty lock." New! The Hip Sessions will give you all the tools you need to get in balance!

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The Weekly Reset: Soak it Up

The days are still long, warm, and (hopefully a bit) lazy. Make the most of the last of the summer by staying present and just being here now, wherever you happen to be. This meditation can help to set the tone for your day, help ground you when you’re feeling all over the place, and help you wind down after a long day...

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The Weekly Reset: Strengthen Your Hips

You need to stretch your hips, yes, but here’s a simple fact you might have overlooked: you need to strengthen them, too. In particular, the smaller muscles that stabilize your hips (aka keep them from flopping around) sometimes get sleepy because they aren't so intimately involved with powering your usual, forward-oriented walking/running/cycling. Keeping your hips awake will help you to prevent injuries and, ultimately, add power to your stride.

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The Weekly Reset: Quick Hip Reset

If you’re moaning about how stiff your hips are and think you don’t have time to stretch 'em out, consider this: When you stretch consistently, a little bit goes a long way toward helping you maintain optimal range of motion (which should be your goal).

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Technique Tuesday — Half Moon

Earlier this month, we worked on Half Moon Prep to get you ready for Half Moon, one of our fave hip strengtheners. Lets face it: most of us are pretty forward-oriented in our movement. We walk, run, cycle, and we all sit... a lot. One of the reasons why Half Moon is so powerful is because it moves your body outside those habitual movement patterns, which forces the muscles that stabilize your hips and, ultimately, add power to your stride, to wake up and do their job.

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Technique Tuesday — Half Moon Prep

Continue your cross-training late this winter with Half Moon Prep — one of our fave poses for building hip strengthen and stability. This shape forces you to work beyond your usual range of motion, which is key for keeping your hip muscles (not to mention your core) that aren't so intimately involved with walking/running/cycling/sitting awake. And, ultimately, keeping your hip stabilizers alert and strong will help you to prevent injuries and add power to your forward-oriented movement.

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