Jasyoga Pro Tip: Starting Line Warm Up

We all know the importance of warming up and activation before big workouts and races. But how often do you skip these keys to optimal performance entirely because you’re rushing? Have frazzled nerves? Or no space? Take one move with you anywhere (including a tightly packed starting line) to get a full body wake up in a minute or less.

Single Leg Balance Pushoff activates your glutes and core, while also serving as a dynamic stretch for your hips and hamstrings. Bonus: you’ll hone your balance AND focus your mind.



  • Begin with a balanced foundation — feet hip width apart, knees over ankles and hips over knees.

  • Take a deep breath and lift one leg up to hip height, keeping your knee bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • Once you feel balanced, hug your knee toward your chest with your hands, while keeping even space between your ribs and hips on both your right and left sides (make sure you're not side bending or back bending).

  • Focus on engaging your standing leg glute as you push down strongly through your foot (if you're having a hard time feeling that, shift your weight slightly back toward your heel).

  • Bend your standing leg slightly, then straighten it — doing a bend and stretch through your standing leg.

  • Continue for 10 reps, breathing deeply and focusing on the “pushoff” through your standing leg foot and accompanying activation through your glute on the same side.

  • Switch sides.

Find the entire Starting Line Warm Up in The 26.2 Training Collection at video.jasyoga.com. Happy racing!