Spring-Load Your Performance

Winter is (nearly) over. Hooray!

Whether you’re a runner in full-on Marathon March race prep mode, a basketball player heading into March Madness, a football player starting spring ball, or just emerging from hibernation and looking to get back in shape, Jasyoga will help spring-load your performance.

As you start to peel off layers (and maybe shed some winter whale blubber?), bear in mind that maintaining balance — between strength and flexibility, as well as effort and ease — is what will ultimately help you to prevent injuries and play your best over the long haul. We know you are (or intend to be very soon) working out plenty, so we won’t be dishing out more workouts. Not to say our practice is “easy” — it’s about learning to bring more ease into all your effort.

Basically, Jasyoga is like your secret weapon for enhancing the benefits of all your hard work/workouts. Okay, it’s not so secret — we’re all about recovery and injury prevention activities because that’s what we consistently see lacking from people’s schedules. And because, lets be honest, being injured sucks. So does feeling like you’re working your booty off and feeling more frazzled than fit.

So make March the month you join our reset revolution:

  • Drop-in on one of our public drop-in classes and hook yourself up with an hour-plus of Jasyoga customized for your sports and interests.
  • Watch for our new “Keepin’ it Real” Technique Tuesday blogs, where we offer practical tips for sneaking more stretching into your routine, even when you’re on the go.
  • Or just go put your legs up the wall for 5 minutes (tweet us a pic while you’re at it!).

It won’t be long before you too will feel yoga spring-loading your performance…