Ready — Set Goals

Every season is chance to set new goals. We're created a quick goal setting exercise to get you started. We've also mapped out common goal + game plans sample scenarios based on community conversation. Each game plan connects you to our top Jasyoga Video recommendations. We're excited to see how you use yoga to achieve your goals in the season ahead!


First, revisit the past season:

  • Did you achieve your goals?

  • If so, what were the keys to success? Ready to push them further?

  • If not, what were the roadblocks? Can you remove them? Do you need to revise your goals?

Now, look ahead:

  • Write your main goal(s). Be specific.

  • Then write the supporting goals.

Split the season as needed. Perhaps your first goal is to get to a marathon starting line healthy and primed, while the second goal could be to lean into the offseason, repair, and Reset before the next build up. 

Remember, yoga is here to support you as you pursue your goals, so integrate practice into your strategy. Need more inspiration for how to make it happen? Here are a handful of goals with our top video picks to help you use yoga to achieve them. 


As base building comes to a fine point with peak weeks and key workouts, it’s the most common time for injuries to flare. It’s also the time with the most potential gain. Take a deep breath — now is the time to listen to your body despite the other internal voices vying for attention. 

GAME PLAN: 26.2 Collection, Booty Lock Mitigation, How to Sleep Meditation


The schedule shifts as each season changes — perhaps yours get busier, or time frees up. Either way,  remap available time for training, cross training, and yoga. Chances are you can find some space tucked into your schedule. Find more balance in the time that is available. Also for parents whose stroller/school commute starts back up, check out the Yoga for Stroller Running videos (they're free).

GAME PLAN: 5-Minute Resets, How to Hit Reset Anytime, Anywhere, The Yoga for Stroller Running (FREE)



Incorporating cross training is a great way to become a more well rounded athlete and elevate your game. It can also become a bit of a time hog. Let’s be real. Make sure you optimize your time on the mat by making it relevant to what you're actually training for. 

GAME PLAN: Yoga for Triathletes, Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Runners


This is a daily practice. The balance of being informed, but not overwhelmed. Work and family. Training and rest. Eating well and living well. Effort and ease. And of course the literal balance of strength and flexibility.

GAME PLAN: Yoga for Balance, Meditation

Share how you're using yoga to pursue your goals this season with #athletesforyoga! 

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