Jasyoga School is in Session

Is it just us or does September always have that back to school feeling no matter how far from the classroom we get? That sharpened pencil, blank notebook, new binder, clean locker, fresh start feel? Inspiration strikes to learn new things — it's time to get moving! We’re dedicating this month to learning and growing. We always say, it’s not just about doing yoga, it’s about how you're doing it that matters. And that your body is your best teacher. But what does that really look like? How can we use yoga to listen and learn from our best teacher — our bodies?

Join us this month and learn how to use Jasyoga optimally in your training, goal chasing, and life. We'll explore ways to bend not break, get strong, and embrace Balance. Each week in September we'll be sharing practical tips and, of course, homework! Practice with us to become more balanced and resilient for the season ahead, no matter what the back to school season has in store for you.

The best place to start is The How To Collection. When you’re stuck on a problem and not sure which routine to do, this is a great place to check in. It addresses some of the most common problems every athlete needs solutions for, from how to warm up, to how to activate your glutes, to how to kickstart recovery.

So get ready to hit the library — the Jasyoga Video library that is. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, use code JASYOGASCHOOL to start your free month of over 100 yoga for athletes videos now!