Recovery Favorites Redux

"Yoga for athletes" is often misconstrued as needing to be another workout. But you can’t absorb hard work with more hard work. That’s why from the beginning Jasyoga has designed unique routines to help athletes recover for real and optimize their training and results.

With this focus, we recently went back into the studio to reshoot some of our subscribers’ favorite recovery videos with improved videography and sound. Plus some bonus stretches! These routines are easy to do anywhere, especially when you're on the go — all you need is a wall. All featured moves are super functional (practical) and will help you to make the most of everything else you're doing in your training. Reach for them anytime you need to #hitreset!

  • Hammy Time — for those times when you're out of gas and don’t have much energy or time to stretch, hit this quick, comprehensive hamstring Reset plus a hip opener. 
  • Full Body Reset — use the wall to align and support your body in this comprehensive Reset including functional refreshers for your hamstrings, hips, chest, shoulders, and more, plus Legs up the Wall variations to help recirculate your blood and any excess fluid in your legs and kick start recovery.
  • Comprehensive Hip and Hamstring Reset — encourage stiff hamstrings to re-lengthen, restore range of motion to your hips, and enjoy the added bonus of easing low back pain and discomfort along the way. 

Share how you use Jasyoga Recovery videos to absorb your hard work with #hitreset!