Ragnar Reset aka #vanyoga

Admittedly, we didn’t know what Ragnar was until about a month ago. 200 miles… What the?! Dannnnnggg! That’s a lot of running. And a lot of sitting! We sympathize, so we whipped up a special Ragar Reset sequence for all you racers (Thanks Joyce for the request) to help mitigate shoulder hunching, booty lock, and lead legs. Even if you're not racing this weekend, these gems will come in handy to help ease any travel woes. Oiselle bird Lauren Fries (Thanks, yoga model!) stepped into our mobile studio — an ’88 Jeep — to show ya’ll how #vanyoga is done. During your van time, hold each pose for 5–8 deep breaths or as long as you want. Repeat. Practice relaxing efficiently while you have the opportunity — embrace your downtime. When you roll across the finish line in Langley, try to make like us and park in front of a bar before you hit up one last round of Ragnar Reset, because you'll probably need a beer after.

Shoulder Hunch Mitigation — Running and sitting will stiffen your shoulders and hunch them forward, which will hinder your form and just make you more tired. Re-lengthen your chest as often as possible.

Booty Lock Mitigation — No one wants a sore booty, and getting your hips out of your forward-oriented range of motion is key for maintaining balance and ease around those joints.

Lauren looks pretty happy about this one.

Knuckle to knuckle — Because your feet need some lovin’, too.

Van Hammy Time — Sitting will shorten your hammies just as much running does. You know they’re strong, so remind them how to be long so that you can feel less “ugh” and more “aha” during your third leg.

Legs up The Seat — Yes, possible in a van. Recirculate the blood in your running legs!

Nap Pose — Yes.

Let us know how it goes… We’ll be cheering you on from afar and standing by for race updates! And we'll be ready to hook you up with some well-deserved (outside the van) recovery next week...

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