Jasyoga Pro Tip: Squat Like a Boss

Love it or hate it, the squat is one of the most fundamental human movements.


But for many athletes, it’s way harder than it should be. Imbalances ranging from tight hips and hamstrings, to lack of fluidity in the lower legs, to weak glutes, can significantly impede your ability to squat effectively. 

  1. Step your feet slightly wider than hip width apart with your thighs turned out slightly — heels in/toes out.
  2. Bend your knees deeply to come down into a deep squat, keeping your weight back toward your heels — stay as high as needed to keep your heels down and shins as vertical as possible.
  3. If it’s hard to keep your heels down, try taking your feet a little further apart and turning out your thighs more to lessen tension on your calves, just be sure to keep the arches of your feet engaged/lifted.
  4. Hold for one deep breath and press all the way back up to stand — use your glutes to do the work!
  5. Repeat for 10–20 reps.

For more context, how to, and conditioning, be sure to check out the new Prenatal Squat Conditioning video. We recently filmed this routine with mamas in mind, since maintaining the combination of flexibility and strength needed to squat effectively throughout your pregnancy can help to aid your labor and delivery, and maintain the health of your pelvic floor both prenatal and postpartum. But this video is relevant for ALL athletes, pregnant or not!

Squat heel life modification from The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

Squat heel life modification from The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

Use it to improve your ability to squat effectively — strengthening your glutes and pelvic floor, and increasing your calf, hamstring, and hip flexibility along the way!

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