New! Yoga for Cyclists Videos

Fact: Yoga will make you a better cyclist. This is one of the many reasons why Jasyoga is thrilled to continue our partnership with OMNIUM to bring you new yoga for cyclists videos and the best in technical, high performance road cycling gear by independent designers worldwide.


We’ve just added three new routines to The Yoga for Cyclists Collection to help you become a more balanced, resilient cyclist and get the most out of your mileage:

  • Injury Prevention for Cyclists — mitigate common cycling injuries in your knees, IT bands, back,  neck, and more. 
  • Quick Post-Ride Reset — ease stiffness and tension in your quads, hips, back, wrists, and neck in less than 10 minutes (and before leaving your bike!).
  • Long Ride Reset — optimize your recovery and absorb all the benefits of your effort in preparation for the miles to come. A game-changer if you’re getting back in the saddle tomorrow or doing a multi-stage race.

As you use the new videos, check out the latest styles from OMNIUM — code JASYOGA4CYCLISTS gets you 15% off your next order at!

Enjoy the Resets and share how you’re using The Yoga for Cyclists Collection with #jasyogaXomnium and #yogaforcyclists!