Booty Lock Mitigation is Back (+ New Hip Videos)


Athletes often talk about needing to "open" their hips. But what does that even mean?!

Your hips are capable of a dynamic range of motion, but your typical forward-oriented movement (walking, running, cycling) neglects most of it, leaving the musculature that surrounds and powers your hip joints tight and sleepy — stiff and weak. Your hips are arguably the most vital joint to athletic success, in any sport. And any small imbalance can set off a string of reactions, from back pain to IT Band issues, and ultimately decreased power and injury.

You need mobility and stability. Ultimately, it's a balance of hip flexibility and strength that is most optimal and will help you prevent an array of injuries, not to mention the all-too-common, general feeling of "booty lock."


We set out to update and improve a handful of our most popular hip videos to address imbalance. Best part? They're all under 20 minutes, making them easy and realistic to incorporate into your training for big results. Use The Hip Sessions them to rebalance both tight hips AND weak hips:

  • Booty Lock Mitigation — Not surprisingly, this has been one of our most popular videos over the years. It addresses that stuck, tight, locked down feeling in just over 15 minutes, helping to ease stiffness and maintain optimal range of motion.
  • Hip Mobility Maintenance — Not everything has to be a static (still) stretch to aid flexibility. Gently mobilize the area to keep your hips fluid. 
  • Quick Hip Reset — Maintain optimal range of motion, and ease stiffness, muscular imbalances, and low back pain along the way. Perfect for when you’re short on time (or after every run/workout)!
  • Hip Strength & Stability — 15 minutes to stronger hips! You’ll strengthen the smaller, intrinsic (supporting) muscles of your hips, improving your stability to keep you moving forward with power and avoiding imbalance and injury. 

For more inspiration for how to put these routines into practice, try this training plan for a month and feel the difference:

  • Booty Lock Mitigation: 1–2 x week
  • Quick Hip Reset: 4 x week
  • Hip Mobility Maintenance: 1–2 x week
  • Hip Strength/Stability: 2 x week

Want to learn more about hip imbalance and how to fix it? There's a whole chapter on how to mobilize & stabilize your hips in HIT RESET book.

Let us know how it goes! Lead by example with #athletesforyoga.