New! Core Videos Are Here


Your core is your powerhouse. It moves you forward, stabilizes your spine, protects you from injury, and so much more. And when you train it in a way that supports the engineering of your body, it makes everything work better — kind of like an internal connecting of the dots. It lights you up from the inside out.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to four new Jasyoga core videos that are designed to do just that. Use these functional routines to build relevant strength that you can take off the mat and into your sport, no matter where your training leads.

These videos are for you, the Athletes for Yoga. Let us know how it goes and lead by example with #athletesforyoga.

functional core COVER.jpg

Functional Core

Build a foundation of deep core strength that will help you gain and sustain power when you walk, run, cycle, and more.

Core Balance

Activate and strengthen your front and back “packs” while moving your arms and legs in opposition — mimicking functional movement and easing muscular imbalances as you go.

Core Training

Activate and strengthen your core muscles to keep your spine long and stable, mitigate back pain and injuries, and optimize your posture for powerful, functional movement. Added bonus: you’ll move outside your usual range of motion for big benefits.

Full Body Core

Work your entire body as the integrated unit it’s designed to be by incorporating your shoulders and upper back, plus your extremities. Includes core activation and plank variations to increase your total body strength and stability.

Time to get your core strong! If you’re not a subscriber you can start your free 14-day trial anytime! And don’t forget to download the free Jasyoga App on iOS or Android.