2018: The Year of #myworkIN


What if you treat recovery with equal importance as you do your workouts and value it as just as productive?

Imagine how great your body will feel when you actually absorb all your effort by recovering for real, rather than being perpetually oversaturated with the stress of your training. More important, imagine all the Wins that will result. 

It's time to go 1:1 on working out and working IN and see what happens when you stop approaching recovery as some default sideshow that happens when you’re not going hard.


Our mission with Work IN is help you harness the superpowers of real recovery. By helping you to rethink recovery, equipping you with practical tools to optimize the process, and rewiring your mind and body to become more receptive to rest, all of your hard work in the year ahead will work harder for you. You’ll achieve your goals not by training harder, but by fully absorbing the training you’re already putting in. 


Join us in 2018! Jasyoga is dedicating the New Year to working IN. Commit to real recovery and use our tools to help you get it done, and feel the difference:

LEARN — read the blog for weekly tips + inspiration
PRACTICE — do Jasyoga Video (Not a subscriber? Use code WORKIN to start your free month)
COACH — get certified to help athletes use yoga to achieve their goals

How will you Work IN? Get real and lead by example with #myworkIN