Move with the Seasons

To every on season there is an off season — a time to reflect and recover so that you can return focused, hungry, re-energized. 

As the days become darker, the air colder, it's easy to take a cue from Mother Nature herself. She's telling us to slow down, breathe deeply, savor the stillness, and nurture ourselves and our inner circles.

Breathe + find stillness.

Breathe + find stillness.

The days of summer are borderline manic in comparison, a sun out so late, adventures fill every weekend, race dates loom. But winter is the perfect time to reflect on the goals you've set and achieved (or didn't), to absorb the lessons learned, and to address imbalances. It's like a slingshot, being pulled back, creating the energy to propel you forward.

As we move into the holidays and the flurry of end of year activities make it feel like the pace is accelerating around you, tune in, not out. Shift your focus inward and move in rhythm with the season you are in, rather than fighting it, and you might find yourself strides ahead in the next season. 

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Erin TaylorComment