Meet the #jasyoga262 Runner


Long before the Reset Revolution spread to the UK or Jasyoga Video had launched, we had a hOMegirl across the pond, thanks to Twitter. Runner Laura Stewart was one of our early believers in London, and since we’ve started waving the Union Jack, she’s been one of our #hitreset regulars. We’ve been inspired by her passion for the sport and she’s always down for a post-run beer and burger (a girl after our own heart).

The native Canadian and Oiselle Volée team member has run two marathons and countless other races of all different distances. Turns out yoga modeling is amongst her many talents, too! Join Laura this fall as she helps lead our fall marathon training plan, #jasyoga262, plus a special batch of fall videos. In the meantime, here’s her take on running, yoga, mantras, and more…  

Running since?
I've been running since 2011 when I moved to London. My husband signed us up for a 10k in Greenwich park the month after I arrived, and since I was unemployed I used training for it as a way to explore my new neighbourhood.

How has yoga helped your running?
For me, yoga is an essential part of my running and it has helped my body, breath, and recovery. In terms of my body, I love the way yoga is so different from running. Moving in different planes to the forward-running movement helps me avoid falling into the same patterns in my muscles. Focusing on breath really helps when I'm running long distances, too. When it comes to rest and recovery I absolutely believe in the #hitreset philosophy! Taking the time (even just 15 minutes) to focus on my recovery after a long week or hard day has helped me stay running and stay smiling!

What are you training for this fall?
I've got a pretty big goal for this fall: my first ultra marathon! I've signed up for the 38-mile Downslink Ultra that starts near Guildford and finishes at the ocean in Shoreham-by-Sea. I'm really excited as I've seen a lot of inspirational women and friends take on the ultra distance in the past few years and do it with confidence and grace.

Go-to run mantra?
I go between to mantras. When I'm feeling out of my depth (usually when trying to run a track session!) and struggling I use "It hurts because you're working hard. It will be over soon and you won't die." Which is just the best to bring it back to the idea that you are working hard and should be pushing your boundaries. When I need a bit of grounding, and I do this a lot in races, I look ahead and get a bit overwhelmed with the big picture of a long race, I use "I am here now," and repeat it to remind myself to enjoy the moment and be in the moment. 

 Fave post-run refuel?
Chocolate milk! Also beer. Always celebrate a good run with good beer.

Go-To Jasyoga Video?
18. Booty Lock Mitigation

Fill in the blank: "Yoga makes me feel ________."
Calm and confident, which is weird because I'm not particularly good at yoga, but there is something about it that brings confidence to the way my body works. 

Photo:  Simon Lamb

Photo: Simon Lamb

Join Laura and other runners worldwide by using #jasyoga262 to share your journey to the start line this fall...