Meet Team Jasyoga: Coach Kayla Robertson

Photo:  Hilary Dahl

Our squad is growing! Introducing our newest addition, hOMegirl Kayla Robertson—former collegiate runner, triathlete, outdoorswoman, and all-around badass. Seattle athletes get ready to Hit Reset with Kayla this spring...

Fave sport?
Cross country, track & field, swimming, triathlons, and of course fun runs!

Why do you love to run and swim?
I love the physical and mental challenge you get in running and swimming, especially when you get to connect with the elements of the great outdoors!! 

Any upcoming events/races?
I have nothing planned at the moment, just training for life. I’m doing a fun run 5k at the Wanderlust Yoga event in Seattle this Spring, and a few open water swim races this summer. 

What does the Reset Revolution mean to you?
The Reset Revolution is the best way to return balance to your life fully, mind and body. Each time you allow yourself hit reset, you give yourself the opportunities to reach higher, think clearly, and run with ease.

What do you do to Hit Reset?
Hip openers all the way. Pinwheel pose is key.

Fill in the blank: "Yoga makes me feel _______.”

Read Kayla's complete bio on our coach's page...