Meet Team Jasyoga — Coach Anna Radford

We're thrilled to welcome longtime hOMegirl Anna Radford to Team Jasyoga as our newest coach. After several years of scheming about future collaboration while she was posted in Salt Lake City, the Seattle native is back in the Northwest and ready to spread the Reset Revolution. As a lifelong athlete, Anna brings a unique perspective to the mat — helping you to keep it real and optimize the potential for your strength to be more graceful...

Fave sports?  
Running, yoga, snow shoeing, biking, hiking...

Any upcoming events/races?  
Right now I'm training for an active life.

What does the Reset Revolution mean to you?  
The revolution is the ability to bring balance to your life.  Often, we need to take a step back in order to reach our full potential.  Without the opportunity to rejuvenate a busy mind and body, you can never operate at 100%.

What do you do to Hit Reset?  
A good conversation with friends and a glass of red wine

Fill in the blank: "Yoga makes me feel ________."  

Read Anna's complete bio on our coach's page...