Limber Up In March!

runner's lunge

Optimize Your Performance —

Jasyoga 4-Week Series at Dreamclinic

  • When: Mondays, 6–7:15pm, March 4–25
  • Where: Dreamclinic Massage Greenlake, 902 NE 65th Street, Seattle
  • What: This 75-minute class with Coach Hilary Dahl includes functional movement, balance, and core work to stabilize joints and improve your ability to use your strength in a more integrated way. Deep stretching and mobility work will help restore range of motion and focus your mind for the week of work and workouts ahead.
  • For: This class is for everyone — especially those who may think they’re too inflexible to do yoga (don’t worry, we’re up for the challenge).
  • Cost/Registration — space is limited so please pre-register by emailing contact
  • $70 includes all 5 classes in the series
  • $16/drop-in
  • Fremont HC member discount: $60/series, $15/drop-in
  • Student discount: $45/series, $10/drop-in

As usual, all our classes includes complimentary LUNA and CLIF bars… because doing yoga with a growling stomach sucks.

These classes will fill up, so contact Erinemail today reserve your spot!

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