Get on the #loveboat this Saturday!


As we celebrate L-O-V-E this month, we invite you to join us in helping to support local youth oarsmen and women. This Saturday at Jasyoga at Hilliard’s Beer, we’ll be collecting donations for the Duwamish Youth Rowing Program in hopes of helping them raise funds to support one of their rad 2014 goals: to put together a team to race in the Green Lake Summer Extravaganza!

Our very own Kendra Clawson (erging Like A Boss, far left in the above photo) is a former rower and has been working in the community to recruit youth to participate in the spring/summer rowing program, which offers a unique athletic opportunity in South Park. Healthy lifestyle advocacy is vital in this neighborhood where, due to a lack of resources and environmental hazards, the average life expectancy of residents is 13 years shorter than the rest of the greater Seattle area.

So, lets give these athletes some lovin’! When you head to #yogaandbeer this weekend, please consider bringing a few extra dollars and making a contribution to a program that is making a big impact in the lives of local youth athletes!

In the meantime, check out to learn more about our Duwamish crew OMies.