Juicing for Athletes (The good kind of course!)

The hype surrounding juicing is hard to ignore. Health nuts everywhere have busted out their Brevilles and turned to juicing as a way to detoxify their digestive systems, lose weight, and boost vitality. But now, athletes may also have a reason to jump on the DIY juice bandwagon. Drinking fresh juice pre- and post-workout is a natural way to fortify your body with the nutrients needed to maximize endurance and speed recovery. Enjoy this athlete-specific recipe to sip before you lace up. Pre-game — you can’t beet me

This beet and carrot medley is a perfect pre-run refresher. Studies have shown that the nitrates in beet juice can contribute to increased oxygen uptake, making exercise significantly less tiring. Beta-carotene packed carrot juice is a powerful oxygenator, increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Try it:

Blend 6 large carrots and 4 beets

Post-game — purple power

Blackberries, plums, and cherries pack a powerful punch of anthocyanins, which help speed muscle recovery and prevent inflammation. Think of this tasty juice blend as a much sweeter alternative to Ben-Gay.

Try it:

Blend 2 cups of cherries (pitted), 2 plums, and 3 cups of blackberries... Blend with ice for a slushy summertime treat.


Erin TaylorComment