Hit Reset Radio

Over the years, we’ve had people ask why there’s no music in Jasyoga videos. Jasyoga is designed to be your personal yoga studio, but you should be the DJ. Or not. Some people prefer to do yoga with tunes, while others prefer meditative silence. And we don’t want to have your Reset session interrupted by music if it's grating to you. 

By not adding our own soundtrack, it makes it easy to add yours! If you prefer to Hit Reset with music, run it in the background. On your computer it’s easy to run both Jasyoga Video and Spotify (or iTunes or Pandora or whatever). When logging a phone session you'll need an outside music source. 

Not sure what music would pair well with Jasyoga? We are now on Spotify and kicking it off with two new playlists — Hit Reset Beat and Hit Reset Calm. Be sure to follow jasyogaHQ on Spotify

Tune in or tune out? Tell us with #hitresetradio! 

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