Jasyoga School: Get Strong

Last week class was in session on recovery. We learned approaches to listen to our bodies, adapt our training plans as needed, and how to structure an optimal recovery session. 

This week we’ll cover how to use Jasyoga to get stronger. When we talk about strength, we’re talking about functional strength that is highly strategic to your sport and goals — strength work in context of what you're trying to accomplish, that supports your pursuit rather than working against it. Most athletes need more work on strengthening the smaller, intrinsic muscles that provide stability and add power to all your movements — muscles often overlooked, or overpowered, in your larger lift sessions. 

If you’ve ever been to a physical therapist you might recognize some of this work. It’s the little stuff that makes the big difference. But forget that tattered print out that drifts around your house, reminding you of the little things you should be doing. When you have a program that you can follow anytime, anywhere on your phone or desktop, you’ll do the work and see the results. 

Also not to be overlooked, is mental strength. This week you'll learn how to strengthen your mental game following Olympian Kate Grace's lead, and set up a daily practice as you look toward game/race day. 


Assessment Videos
Where’s your Core Weakness?
Are your Glutes Working Too Hard or Not Enough?
How’s your Form?
Where are your Shoulder Blades?

Additional Recommended Reading
Kate Grace: Mental Game Strong
Strengthen your Body, Strengthen your Team


  1. Use the above assessment videos to discover weaknesses if you’re unsure where they're lurking.

  2. Note your findings.

  3. Use below videos strategically 4–5 days a week based on your specific weaknesses.

  4. Do a meditation from our meditation library at least 4 days a week .

Core Weakness
Core Balance

Glute + Hip Weakness
Power Your Push Off
How To Activate Your Glutes
Hip Strength & Stability
Running Efficiency Boost

General Postural Weakness
Standing Balance Flow
Establish a Balanced Foundation
Quick Shoulder/Upper Back Strengthener 

Strength for Runners
Running Efficiency Boost
Hip Strength & Stability

Strength for Cyclists
Injury Prevention for Cyclists
Optimize Your Riding Position

Strength for Mamas
Quick Core Reset for Moms
Stroller Running Strength
Prenatal Strength

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, use JASYOGASCHOOL to start your free month. Next week we’ll combine our lessons on fluidity and strength to optimize Balance. 

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