Jasyoga School: Bend Don't Break

Athletes, you don’t need a refresher course in how to be relentless in your pursuits. You know how to push hard when things get tough. You set early alarms and finish training before most of the world has opened their eyes. You’re tough, dedicated, and… stubborn. 

The class many athletes skip season after season is in how to be flexible. And we’re not just talking about your tight hammies, but also flexibility in when to push and when to rest. Knowing when to take a workout off your schedule — recognizing when recovery is the work needed that day or week — is essential This is essential so that you can effectively bend rather than break yourself,

When you learn how to listen to your body — your best teacher — you’ll learn that the best way to crush your goals is through a combination of hard work and strategic recovery, through balancing effort and ease. Start listening closely to fine tune your awareness and understanding of when to work out and when to work IN.



Assessment Videos
How to Hit Reset Head to Toe
Full Body Mobility

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How to Use Jasyoga to Listen to Your Body
Work IN book


  1. Use one of the two Assessment Videos above to check in with yourself.

  2. Take note of areas of resistance, stress, discomfort, tightness…

  3. Search that area in upper right search bar at video.jasyoga.com to find a video to assist the recovery of that area (for example: hamstrings, calves, low back).

If you're feeling completely depleted and rigid, choose one of the below restorative videos daily until you’ve found that pep in your step again.

Start your recovery session with this 4-minute Recovery Visualization to get the very most out of it. 
Recovery Boost
Kick Start Recovery
Relax Deeply
Full Body Reset
High Mileage Reset
Sunday Reset
Comprehensive Reset for Triathletes

Don't be afraid to skip a workout, or even a week of workouts, if your body is sounding the alarm. You’ll more than make up for it when you return recovered. 

If you aren’t a Jasyoga Video subscriber yet, use JASYOGASCHOOL to start your free month. Next week we’ll cover how to use Jasyoga to get stronger!