Jasyoga Pro Tip: Use the Wall

After a long week of training or a hard workout, even restorative yoga can feel like work. That's when it's time to take it to the wall. Using the wall eliminates most of the work from the stretch so that you can really focus on bringing ease to your muscles rather than trying to balance your tired body (hello, hamstrings!) — think as little effort as possible to achieve maximum benefit. Plus the wall is an incredibly versatile and accessible prop that you can find pretty much anywhere.

Feel the difference the wall can make — especially for your hamstrings, hips, back, and neck — with one key move...



  • Lean into the wall with your feet hip width apart and parallel, a foot or two away from the wall.
  • keeping your knees bent, fold forward and walk your hands down your legs.
  • Lean back into the wall — if it feels hard or like you can't lean back, bring your feet a bit farther away from the wall.
  • Rest your hands wherever they land or on props, if needed.
  • Hold for 5–10 deep breaths.

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