Jasyoga Pro Tip: Hip Mobility + Stability

As an athlete you're probably aware of the importance of your hips. You might even find yourself moaning about them. They’re too tight, they’re too weak, they’re… both? Why? And how should you address this all-too-common scenario? The why is simple: most of our motion is forward, not lateral (side to side) or rotational. Plus we sit all the time. This leads to imbalance both in terms of tightness in key hip muscles like your psoas and glutes, and weakness in supporting their supporting cast like your adductors. 

Now, the how. Pro Tip: Address both imbalances by mobilizing AND stabilizing your hips in one key move, Wide Bridge Flow. 


Photos: Lauren Fleshman in HIT RESET via VeloPress

Photos: Lauren Fleshman in HIT RESET via VeloPress

  1. Lie down with your knees bent and bring your feet wider than hip width apart and parallel.
  2. Extend your arms along your sides, palms up. 
  3. Press down through your feet and lift your hips into Bridge.
  4. Keeping your hips lifted, rock toward the outer edges of your feet so that your knees move apart. 
  5. Bring your knees toward each other as you rock inward to the arches of your feet.
  6. Continue for 10–20 reps.

To fully assess and address your specific hip imbalances, grab a copy of HIT RESET or use the Where Do Your Hips Need Opening? self test video in The HIT RESET Book Collection. 

Armed with the knowledge of your personal imbalances you can then use our new hip videos to full advantage and find an optimal balance of hip mobility and stability. Try it out and let us know how you're using yoga in your training. 

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