Jasyoga Pro Tip: Lounge + Unlock

Sitting, cycling, running, walking, standing — all have your booty locked down. While a longer hip and glute Reset is super beneficial, you can mitigate stiffness and loss of range of motion any time you’re on your back with Reclined Hero. Reading in bed, lounging at the beach, watching TV, taking a nap — use downtime to break up that constant, relentless forward motion-induced booty lock. 

Try it:

  • Lie on your back and extend you arms open to the side, palms up. 
  • Bring you feet wider than hip width (about as wide as your mat if you’re using one) and drop your knees together, creating a triangle shape.
  • See if you can take your feet another inch away from each other (the knees might not touch) and feel the space that’s created in your hip joints and around your low back. 
  • Breathe deeply and chill here for 2–5 minutes.

Take it further with our new Sunbather Flow! And don't miss Booty Lock Mitigation on Jasyoga Video. 

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