Jasyoga Pro Tip: The Boss of Restorative Yoga

You're supporting your pursuit of your New Year goals by prioritizing and optimizing recovery. You’re ready to work IN. But even the commitment to slow down can feel frantic if you let it. Suddenly you have a list a mile long—warm up right, workout harder, fuel better, sleep more, meditate daily, be more present, drink more water—until you’re feeling depleted from all your commitments to yourself. 

Remember, frazzled is not fit and busyness doesn't ensure productivity. Pro Tip: befriend the Boss of restorative yoga and put your legs up the wall. Anytime, anywhere, it’s the definition of less is more. Recirulates the blood and any excess fluid in the legs, opens the hamstrings, relaxes the low back and feet, shifts perspective, and so much more... commit to doing it daily!

Athlete for Yoga Stephanie Howe Violett getting it done.

Athlete for Yoga Stephanie Howe Violett getting it done.


  • Lie on your back and extend your legs up the wall, moving as far back as needed to neutralise your spine.
  • Bend your knees slightly and turn your feet away from each other.
  • Rest your arms open, palms up.
  • Stay and breathe deeply for 5–20 minutes.

Tip: For an added recovery boost, put a bolster under your butt and loop a strap around your calves, creating additional support for your body to rest into.

When you find perfection creeping up in priority over progress, pause, put those legs up the wall and breathe. You're doing great.  To take this Reset further, try Full Body Reset, Recovery Boost for RunnersLong Ride Reset, Comprehensive Reset for TriathletesTaper Meditation, How to Improve Sleep Meditation.

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