Jasyoga & LUNA — Sustaining Athletes' Passion

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Jasyoga helps athletes and active people of all abilities sustain their passion. We believe fewer injuries, faster recovery, and better performance are all sweet byproducts of a thoughtful yoga practice. When LUNA approached Jasyoga in 2011 about a partnership aimed at sharing their nutritional prowess with a broader range of athletic women, we were psyched—not only would we be able to share tasty, vitamin-rich bars with tired and hungry post-workout athletes, Jasyoga would join forces with a company also focused on sustaining athletes and the community at large.

We quickly realized how much LUNA's core values speak to us. Check out the LUNA story at http://lunabar.com/story/company/.

So, what does this mean for you?

Jasyoga is a specific approach to yoga for athletes that focuses on recovery—resulting in fewer injuries and enhanced performance overall. We know that proper nutrition is another key part of recovery — also resulting in more optimal experience come training and competition time.

We figure pair Jasyoga with LUNA bars and you’ve got the perfect supplement to your training.

This means your yoga practice — and in turn all your endeavors — are supported in a more complete way. A variety of complimentary bars will be available to you at Jasyoga classes (Don't worry guys, even though we've discovered many guys prefer LUNA to CLIF, we'll have CLIF bars on hand, too... ). You’ll also have insider access to giveaways, coupons, and events like LUNAFEST.

Stay tuned in the coming months for info about (and samples!) of new LUNA products, learn about inspiring events and opportunities to get involved in a variety of fantastic causes, and hear what other athletes have to say about LUNA.

And thank you, LUNA!

p.s. Team Jasyoga is loving the new Chocolate Dipped Coconut bars…