Jasyoga Into 26.2 Week 2: Run Stronger

You’ve got some fundamentals, now lets add some strength. This week is all about your running powerhouses: your core and booty…

Do the Pose of the Week every day (ideally pre-run/workout), and do the videos whenever they best fit into your schedule this week.

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Pose of the Week: Single Leg Balance

Your butt is the Boss of your “push off” — it adds power to your stride and provides stability around your hips so that you can move forward, rather than flop side-to-side. This pose cleverly mimics your most habitual movement pattern, and activates your glutes and core. Hit it up pre-run all week long...

  • Stand with your feet parallel and hip's width apart, and bring your hands to your waist.
  • Exhaling, engage your core as you draw your navel toward your spine (as if you’re cinching up your waist).
  • Keep your core engaged as you lift your right knee up to waist-height, bending your knee to a 90-degree angle.
  • Focus on engaging your left glute as you push strongly through your left foot (if you're having a hard time feeling that, shift your weight slightly back toward your heel).
  • Use your hands on your torso to feel your abs engaging, and even space between your ribs and hips on both your right and left sides (make sure you're not side bending or back bending).


"Something has clicked for me with yoga in the past year. I think it came when I started treating yoga on a spectrum, like I do any other skill or sport. That means understanding that everyone has a different starting point (so, I stop thinking of it in terms of being good or bad). Rather than be intimidated by those who are stronger or more flexible (or letting their ability make me feel inadequate), I can acknowledge their time and hard work, and then pick one thing in my own practice to improve upon. I tell myself that fulfillment comes from baby steps to personal betterment, whether in running form or camel pose."
Kate Grace

Keep running strong! Use #jasyoga262 to let us know how it's going...

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