Jasyoga Into 26.2 Week 1: Build Your Foundation

Welcome to #jasyoga262!

If summer shenanigans derailed your workouts the last few months, now’s the time to rebuild your foundation for fall running. Our 5-week plan to get you back on track and optimise your mileage starts now!

Do the Pose of the Week every day (ideally pre-run/workout), and do the videos whenever they best fit into your schedule this week.

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Pose of the Week: Runner's Lunge

To be honest, I find it really annoying when classes labeled “yoga for runners” spend half the class doing "Runner’s Lunge." However, when it comes to basics, the lunge is Boss for runners and is the perfect pose to pre-game your run. By mimicking your stride, you gain valuable insight about where your weak spots are hiding so that you can address them...

  • Step your right foot between your hands, making sure the knee is directly over the ankle.
  • Bring you hands to your waist, feeling for even space between your ribs and hips on both your right and left sides.
  • Engaging your core, draw your belly away from your front thigh and in toward the spine.
  • Engage your glutes.
  • "Scan" your body and relax any areas that are working hard than they need to be (relax your face/jaw/neck).
  • Hold for 5+ deep breaths, taking an “internal snapshot” of this strong, efficient alignment, so that you can recall it when you run.


"Plan your rest days in advance and treat them with as much reverence as your longest long run." – Lauren Fleshman

Use #jasyoga262 to let us know how it's going!

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