Jasyoga Into 26.2

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Fact: Yoga will make you a better runner. That’s why we’ve compiled our fave yoga for runners poses and videos to help you get the most out of your mileage over the next five weeks. Whether you’re ramping up your marathon training, heading into the final weeks of preparation, or just badly in need of a yoga tune-up, our five-week plan will optimize all your hard work by keeping you balanced on your journey to the start line.

Let’s go!

What: Each week includes…

When: Start five weeks out from your race date or just dive right in!


  1. Head to jasyoga.pivotshare.com and subscribe to Jasyoga Video so you have access to the weekly videos.
  2. Read the blogs to learn the weekly pose and see the video lineup, and then map out where they best fit in with your running and other training each week.
  3. Hit Reset: Use the poses and videos to sustain balance and optimize your running.

Win: Use #jasyoga262 on Twitter and Instagram to share your balanced journey to the start line.

In the meantime, define your goal this fall. What do you want to achieve, and why? Where your attention goes, your energy flows, so be clear about where you’re headed because this will fuel your fire over the next month.

Lets Jasyoga into your best 26.2 yet…