Jasyoga for Runners: Spring Marathon Training Edition

The miles are adding up and there’s no better time to cross-train as you prepare for spring racing. This 4-week series will help you "Hit Reset" with practical injury prevention and recovery techniques that will balance your strength and flexibility — as well as effort and ease — and optimize all the hard work you’re doing out on the roads.

Learn practical techniques to help you:

Perform: Activate and strengthen key muscles including your core and glutes to add more power to your stride.
Prevent Injuries: Improve your form, increase your overall flexibility and mitigate common running imbalances and issues such as planter fasciitis, shin splints, and IT band pain.
Recover: Learn to rest easy so that you can go hard.

All levels of yoga and running experience welcome! Join us...

When: Tuesdays 6:30–7:30pm, March 10–31
Where: Aditi Yoga (Lotus Studio), 4206 Stone Way N.
Cost: $68 (includes all 4 classes and Picky Bars)

Bree DillonComment