Jasyoga 26.2 Week 2: Pump Your Calves

Photo:  Claire Pepper

“Stiff calves lack fluidity. Pump ‘em!”
–Erin Taylor

Reset: Squat Calf Pump
Why: This simple maneuver is a one-stop shop for increasing circulation, tone, and pliability in your dense calf musculature. More importantly, it's critical not only for easing calf pain, but also preventing lower leg injuries ranging from shin splints to plantar fasciitis. Plus, it's way more effective than static (still/passive) stretching.
When: Pre- or post-run

  • Step your feet wider than hip width apart, externally rotating your thighs in your hip joints so that your legs turn away from the center of your body (your heels point in and toes point out).
  • Bend your knees deeply to come down into a squat, resting your hands on the floor between your legs.
  • Stay up higher, resting your hands on a prop for support if your knees are uncomfortable in a deep squat.
  • Lift your heels as high as you can.
  • Drop your heels toward the floor.
  • Continue for 10–20 reps.

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