Jasyoga 26.2 Week 1: Hit Reset

Photo:  Claire Pepper

“Recovery is just as important and equally as productive as everything else that you do.”
–Erin Taylor

Reset: Legs up the Wall
Why: If there’s one Reset you use in your marathon training, this should be it! This restorative posture is like a secret weapon for optimizing recovery, which all marathoners need. Simply putting your legs up the wall recirculates the blood and any excess fluid in your legs, relaxes your feet and low back, helps to reduce any lingering tension in your system, plus way more.
When: Post-run or pre-bed

  • Extend your legs up the wall.
  • Keep your knees bent a little and turn your feet away from each other slightly.
  • Rest your arms along your sides with your palms facing up.
  • Stay and relax for 10+ minutes.

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Jasyoga 26.2
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