Jasyoga 26.2 — Lets GO!

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Fall marathon (and half marathon, and 10k) season is upon us and there’s no better time to add yoga to your training! Remember, it’s not just about doing yoga — it’s how you do it that matters. A little bit goes a super long way to optimize your miles, rather than working against them, when you’re doing the right things.

Whether you’re ramping up your marathon training, heading into the final weeks of preparation, or just badly in need of a yoga tune-up, our new four week #jasyoga262 plan features our top yoga for runners tips and will help you become more balanced and resilient on your journey to the start line.

“If you think you don’t have time to do yoga, you probably have time to be injured.”
– Erin Taylor, Jasyoga Founder + Head Coach

The next four weeks, check the blog for:

  • Jasyoga for Runners stretch of the week targeting a run-specific area of your body + when/why/how to do it
  • Jasyoga Videos to help you do more work on that area — you will need to be a video subscriber to access these

In the meantime, hit up this free Pre-Run Meditation to get your head right for the miles ahead…

Jasyoga 26.2
Week 1: Hit Reset
Week 2: Pump Your Calves
Week 3: Hammy Time
Week 4: Mitigate Booty Lock