Introducing The Yoga for Triathletes Collection

Training for a triathlon is a balancing act. You’re focused on reaching your potential in three very unique events, transitioning between them as seamlessly as possible, and staying off the injury bench while managing a heavy training workload. 

We created The Yoga for Triathletes Collection using requests from real triathletes ranging from recreational to elite, to connect the dots of how to use yoga to help you achieve your tri goals. Because we know your training is already stacked and you have no time to waste, these routines are designed to optimize your training in as little as five minutes. All videos in the series are under 10 minutes, plus there’s a bonus recovery video to address the demands of all three events in under 25 minutes. And because it’s not just about the swim, the bike, or the run, these videos address the unique needs of each event, while keeping in mind the demands of the triathlon as a whole.

Use The Yoga for Triathletes Collection throughout your training to optimize all your hard work in the water, on your bike, and on the run:

  • Pre-Swim Warm Up — harmonize your shoulder mobility and stability, activate your core, and optimize your breathing for the strokes ahead.
  • Quick Post-Swim Reset — get your feet back under you and ease stiffness and tension in your chest, shoulders, back, and neck.
  • Swim to Bike Transition Optimizer — practice staying focused and relaxed while you shift from horizontal to vertical, and activate a different set of muscles to power your movement.
  • Pre-Bike Warm Up — establish steady breathing, activate key muscles including your glutes, quads, core, and upper back, and optimize your riding position to reduce tension in the miles ahead.
  • Quick Post-Bike Reset — ease stiffness and tension in your wrists, neck, back, hips, and quads before you leave your bike.
  • Bike to Run Transition Optimizer — practice staying focused and relaxed while shifting muscle engagement to hit your stride.
  • Pre-Run Warm Up — activate your breath and encourage turnover while warming up all your key running muscles quickly including your core, glutes, and upper back to optimize the miles ahead.
  • Quick Post-Run Reset — ease stiffness and tension in your back, hips, and hamstrings by moving your body outside your usual, forward-oriented range of motion before you head back inside.
  • Comprehensive Reset for Triathletes — ease lingering stiffness and tension and restore range of motion to all your key swim, bike, and run muscles in less than 25 minutes.

We're so excited to see how you use these new routines to bring your tri game to the next level! Lead by example with #athletesforyoga.