Introducing The Yoga For Runners Collection

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Runners have long been a Jasyoga muse. Now, our new Yoga for Runners video series is available to show you how to bring fluidity, strength, and balance to your training. We’ve isolated the top areas of focus that will change your running game. From a targeted warm up, to encouraging hamstring flexibility, to waking up weak glutes, you can use The Yoga for Runners Collection to address your specific needs:

Run Meditation—get your run/race face on by feeling your ability to increase your speed while reducing any tension in your body.
Align Your Stride—get your breath flowing, create fluidity through your hips and hamstrings, and align your stride for the miles ahead.
Run Your Core—build core strength to stabilize your structure for functional (running!) movement.
Power Your Push Off—activate and strengthen your glutes and increase your hip stability to add power to your stride.
Flexible Running Hamstrings—encourage your hammies to become more elastic and increase the fluidity of all your movement.
Post-Run Hip Reset—ease post-run soreness, muscular imbalances, and low back pain along the way.
Quick Post-Run Reset—address common running imbalances from head to toe, helping to kick start your recovery and prevent injuries in less than 10 minutes.
Recovery Boost for Runners—embrace the fact that sometimes rest is best with a head to toe Reset.

We’re so excited to hear how you’re using #jasyogaforrunners! Be sure to share and, as always, ask questions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.