Introducing The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

Pregnancy: it’s different for every woman, it’s different every time, and it’s different every day. It’s more important than ever to really listen to your body — yours alone — and to lean into the reality of each day, which can be so different from the last. 


The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection includes eight new prenatal yoga videos designed to help you meet yourself where you are, every day, every trimester. To address the undeniable accompanying physical discomforts and ease your body into alignment as it continually grows, shifts, and changes. To prepare you for labor and birth, no matter the birth plan. And to help you lean into pregnancy, to learn from it, and to find the ability to trust and surrender to the process, no matter what comes up for you along the way. 


Like all Jasyoga, the new prenatal videos are designed with the goal of balance in mind, and these routines feature many Jasyoga core principals and sequences, adapted for pregnant bodies and coached with context about what you're doing in relation to your pregnancy, and why. Pregnancy and motherhood is the ultimate endurance event, resulting in imbalances ranging from slouched posture and back pain, to stagnation and swelling, to pelvic discomfort and pelvic floor issues, plus extreme hormonal fluctuations. Use these videos to address these realities, more easefully navigate your pregnancy, and ultimately to help you when you get to the other side of birthing your baby.

Like any exercise during pregnancy, be sure to talk with your doctor before doing prenatal yoga.

  • Breath Support for Pregnancy — familiarize with and practice breathing techniques to create more space in your mind and body, to manage discomfort, and ultimately to help deliver your baby as easefully as possible.  
  • Prenatal Meditation for Trust and Surrender — acknowledge that the only thing you really have control over is your ability to let go as you release mental and physical tension.
  • Prenatal Strength — maintain functional glute, hip, and back strength to maintain optimal posture and strength in these key areas throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Squat Conditioning — maintain the combination of flexibility and strength needed to squat effectively to aid your labor and delivery, and maintain the health of your pelvic floor throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. 
  • Quick Reset for Preggos — connect to your baby as you transition from thinking about them to feeling their presence, and stretch tired feet and ease back, shoulder, and neck tension along the way. 
  • Fluidity for Pregnancy — increase circulation and fluidity to key areas, avoid common pregnancy discomfort like swelling, and boost your energy.
  • Make Space For Baby (and you!) — create more space for baby and your internal organs by lengthening your torso, stretching your sides, and increasing fluidity through your whole body, and to slow things down in your head.
  • Prenatal Work IN — gently open your body with prop-supported postures and encourage deep physical and mental relaxation. Optimizes postures from Work IN book for pregnancy.

We’d love to hear how you’re using the prenatal videos to find more balance throughout your pregnancy — share with #jasyogamama!

And remember, mamas: You are doing great.