Introducing The Recovery Collection

Photo:  Claire Pepper

In sports and in life, recovery is just as important and equally as productive as everything else that you do. To be balanced and resilient — which is where optimal performance lives — you need relaxation after exertion. You must balance effort with ease.

Actually valuing restorative practices (not just talking about it) gives you performance-boosting super powers. It makes your hard work work harder for you. When was the last time you gave recovery the same respect as the rest of your training? Exactly. The fact is, effective recovery doesn’t “just happen” when you’re not working. It’s not some sideshow. To uncover your true potential recovery should be an integral part of your plan.

But in sports and in life, sometimes we’re so busy putting in the work, recovery falls by the wayside and we fail to realize just how tired we actually are. It feels too hard to find the time to commit to real recovery. And when we do have the time we’re not sure what to do. That’s why we’ve brought our go-to restorative moves into your living room with a new recovery video series. Use The Recovery Collection to soak up the gain of all your effort, prevent injuries, and become a more balanced athlete:

  • Recovery Meditation — get your head right and set the tone for optimal recovery.
  • Couch Reset — Hit Reset head to toe from the comfort of your couch (no joke).
  • Optimal Hip Reset — get the most out of your post-workout hip stretches.
  • Side Body Reset — neutralize your “side pocket” including your IT Band, hamstrings, hips, and low back.
  • Reclined Upper Body Reset — ease chest, shoulder, upper back, and neck stiffness and tension while increasing your range of motion and circulation.
  • Relax Deeply — Use props to support your body so that your aching muscles don’t have to, while easing overworked muscles and decreasing any lingering tension in your system.

Do the videos, feel the difference.

The challenge to really, actually use recovery to reach your potential is on — share how you’re using The Recovery Collection with #hitreset.