Introducing The 26.2 Collection

The marathon has unique demands, and your training is aimed to keep you balanced precariously between fit and fatigued. As your mileage increases your available time to for pre-hab and recovery (ironically) shrinks. The taper… well, they don’t call them taper tantrums for no reason. And the race is a slow burn that requires a calm execution of race plans A, B, and/or C.

In past marathon seasons we’ve created short sequences, blog build-ups, and answered questions on social media. But it’s time the for the 26.2 to have its own video collection, ready to meet the demands of the distance. While creating The 26.2 Collection, we tapped marathoners we’ve worked with over the years, gaining insight from everyone from Kara Goucher to Sarah Mac on how yoga could best support their training from build up to race day — and beyond.

Running Efficiency Boost.jpg

The result is nine new Jasyoga videos to help you optimize the time you have left after logging #allthemiles. Use The 26.2 Collection:

  • Run Visualization  stay focused on your running goal and why it’s important to you and, more important, see and feel your ability to close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.
  • Workout Day Warm Up — activate key muscles and encourage turnover while connecting your mind, body, and breath. 
  • Running Efficiency Boost  strengthen your core and glutes, increase your hip mobility, improve your arm swing, and optimize your form for the miles ahead.
  • Quick Post-LR Reset — ease post-run stiffness in all the key areas in less than 5 minutes.
  • High Mileage Reset — absorb all of your hard work and embrace recovery time as just as important and equally as productive as the miles themselves.
  • Sunday Reset — ease lingering tension, restore fluidity and range of motion to key running muscles, and make space for next week's miles.
  • Taper Meditation  absorb and optimize your training with a restorative boost.
  • Race Day Meditation — activate your race or workout mantra and fly to the finish.
  • Starting Line Warm Up — activate your breath, key muscles, and race mantra — no props required!

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